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Teledyne Detcon

Protégé ZM Single Gas Monitor

Protégé ZM Single Gas Monitor


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Protégé ZM

The Protégé ZM single gas monitor is an easy-to-use, zero maintenance gas detection solution that delivers high performance in a small, ergonomically designed package. It is available in oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide single gas models. This single gas monitor is incredibly reliable, giving industrial workers and first responders the confidence to focus on the task at hand, not on their equipment.


  • O2, CO and H2S Models
  • Zero maintenance
  • Hibernation mode on the CO and H2S models for up to one year additional operating life
  • Custom or factory-programmed alarm set points
  • User configurable bump and calibration reminders
  • Multiple LCD display options including real-time gas readings, monitor life remaining, or both
  • Three point alarms (audible, visual and tactile)

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